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Paramo Women's Mountain Pull-On (Sky Blue)

Paramo Women's Mountain Pull-On (Sky Blue)

  • Brand: Paramo
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A functional 'next-to-skin' garment for all zub zero and low temperature use, ideal as a baselayer, midlayer or outer layer.
Offering exceptional comfort and function, the Paramo Mountain Vent Pull-On has been designed to work 'systemically' with the Paramo Aspira and Alta Directional Waterproof Jackets providing excellent temperature control and breathability. 
When combined with your jacket, the two garments become a powerful unit which can be quickly adjusted to meet the rigours of terrain and weather.
The Paramo Mountain Vent Pull-On has considered everything, from the scoop tail that protects your rear from chills, to the handy pockets big enough to store maps and snacks for the long days on the hills.
  • Elbow and shoulder articulation means that you can make unrestricted movements, with a close to the skin fit.
  • Flattering and functional, this is the ideal cover up for when nature gets rough
  • Radical 'through to skin' ventilation, via arm vents in the Mountain Vent Pull-on, a unique Paramo® advantage.
  • Increased comfort from high collar.
  • Quick and easy temperature control from deep chest zip.
  • Increased freedom of movement from full arm and shoulder articulation.
  • Further temperature control from pull up sleeves and adjustable cuffs.
  • Storage via secure pocket.
  • Protection to the kidney area when bending or stretching from scooped tail.
  • Additional comfort and freedom of movement through shoulder and elbow articulation